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Chivalrous cowboy Blaze Howell (Ken Maynard) thinks he's stopping a train robbery in progress. It turns out that the holdup is a gag concocted by passenger Collins and his ranch manager Owens to impress Collins' wild-west crazy daughter Doris. The hoax backfires, however, when it's discovered that the train has been robbed and the train's messenger shot dead! Stranger-in-town Blaze is accused of the crimes. When the train loot is discovered in an abandoned shack, Blaze sets up a trap to catch the real outlaws, prove his innocence and win Doris' heart. The nonstop action finds him involved in a series of rooftop fistfights, crafty masquerades and a climactic chase pitting machine against rider.

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ALP4280 Dynamite Ranch DVD (1932/Ken Maynard) $5.99