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The kids attending the all boys Asahi High School are the dregs of Japanese society. The school is rundown and the teachers teach in such a dry, apathetic manner that it is not surprising that the kids could care less. However, although the teaching might be unstructured, there is a rigid code of hierarchy enforced by the tough kids. A leader is chosen by a suicidal ritual in which a student claps his hands as many times as possible while falling backwards. After he claps a certain amount of times, he grabs the guardrail. Miss the guardrail, instant pancake. At the beginning of this film, after the "graduation" of the senior class, Kujo, played by the extraordinarily handsome Matsuda Ryuhei, wins the contest. Kujo is a bit indifferent to his new found power, but goes along with it. Most of the students are not satisfied with the way their lives are shaping, they concede that good jobs and college are not in their future and that they are either on the track to become either a menial laborer or a member of the Yakuza.

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Special Features Bio/Filmographies Tom Mes Commentary 2 Interviews With Director Toshiaki Toyoda Artwork Scene Selection

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