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Five years after Chihiro is gang raped in her hometown, she lives far away in Tokyo. She is afraid of the dark, and bars herself in every night with multiple locks. But she has a good job, a fiancee, and is getting on with life, in some ways. Until Hirokawa, the childhood friend who lured her into the assault turns up on her doorstep. You would think that she would fight, flee, kill him. But, no, she lets him in, lets him stay--her old sense of helplessness rises with a vengeance, rendering her powerless. It is only a matter of time, though, until the new, damaged Chihiro takes over again. And then revenge is truly served cold. Freeze me is an excruciatingly realistic portrayal of the trauma that burdens victims of violent crime, the damage that can never be completely undone. It is intelligent, insightful, suspenseful and will genuinely leave you guessing up until the end.

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TSVD0213 Freeze Me DVD (2000/Japan/horror) $29.95 $26.99