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Young attorney Bob Clay walks into a scene of unspeakable horror when he finds his cheating mother standing over the dead body of wealthy bachelor Robert Ellis. Wishing to shield his father, D.A. John Clay, from the pain and scandal of his mother's unfaithfulness, Bob decides to take the fall for the murder. When the boy refuses to cooperate with the police, John sadly resolves to do his duty. He begins to prepare the case that will send his own son to prison for the rest of his life! Behind Stone Walls was directed by legendary B-movie ace Frank Strayer (The Vampire Bat, 1933 and the Blondie series, 1938-42). At age 21 Priscilla Dean became a silent star after appearing in The Grey Ghost (1917). With the advent of sound her career waned and she was relegated to supporting roles. In this production she portrays one of the worst mothers of all time. She was married to character actor Wheeler Oakman.

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ALP5903 Behind Stone Walls DVD (1932/Priscilla Dean) $5.99