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Black Emanuelle's Box contains a sexy selection of Black Emanuelle films starring Laura Gemser, who isn't actually black, but scrumptious nonetheless. Three films out of several directed by Joe D'Amato were chosen from this sexploitation series made to cash in on the success of the unrelated French erotic film Emmanuelle. Here, Laura Gemser stars as photojournalist Mae Jordan, aka Emanuelle, who travels the world wielding her beauty for inside scoops. In Emanuelle In Bangkok and Emanuelle Around the World, she travels to Thailand, India, Italy, and more, aiming to expose various corrupt slave rings, including a sex slave circle, and a transcendental meditation cult run by a horny scam artist. Sister Emanuelle features a reformed Emanuelle, who renounces her holiness after a young Catholic schoolgirl seduces her in a medieval tower. These films succeed only because of Gemser as seductress, portraying a career-focused feminist who isn't embarrassed to admit her love of sex, thereby typifying a woman from the free-love era. It's a stretch to actually call Emmanuelle an empowered character, though ultimately these softcore films aren't deeply political. Some juicy sensual scenes, such as the sponge bath and Thai massage sequences in Emanuelle in Bangkok, make these slow films worthwhile, though the snail's pacing in each can get boring. Wonderful soundtracks by composer Nico Fidenco also add style throughout, and an added interview with Fidenco sheds light on the Golden Age of Italian movie music. In this set, a CD containing all three soundtracks gives additional impetus to give Black Emanuelle a new lease on life.

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Special Features • Bonus CD: Getting Down With Black Emanuelle • Deleted & Alternate Scenes • Theatrical Trailers • Joe D’Amato at Eurofest • Black Emanulle’s Grove – Interview with Composer Nico Fidenco smallEmanuelleInBangkok_Keyart

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