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Unholy undertaker, evil philosopher, denizen of dreams and hallucinations... Coffin Joe, with his trademark top hat, black cape and long talon-like finger nails, is a horror icon in his native Brazil. Revered as the national boogeyman, Coffin Joe has been immortalized in films, TV shows, radio programs, comic books and popular songs. He is the creation of writer-director-star Josi Mojica Marins whose perversely original and strangely personal filmmaking style has been compared to an unholy blend of Mario Bava, Luis Buquel and Russ Meyer. Fantoma is proud to present This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse in a new director-approved edition. This sequel to At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul is bigger, bolder and more insane than it's predecessor. Coffin Joe returns to continue his quest for the perfect bride. Aided by a hunchbacked assistant he embarks on an even more brutal campaign of terror. For his sins Joe is dragged headfirst into the underworld. As imagined by Mojica, it's as unique a vision of hell as you'll ever see!.

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Special Features - New Digital Widescreen Transfer (1.66:1) from the original negative, supervised by director Josť Mojica Marins New interview with the director Reproduction of an original Coffin Joe comic book Theatrical Trailer New, improved English translation

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