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Possibly one of the most talked about series of all time, Faces of Death examines the many guises of death in the extreme close-up. Sure to shock, horrify and even repulse, these brutal films are not meant for the faint of heart. Volume I features a vicious pit bull fight, the clubbing of baby seals, monkey brains, a man setting himself on fire, an electrocution, San Francisco cultists dining on human organs, a suicidal jumper taking his final leap, a visit to a slaughterhouse, an alligator attack and a visit to an autopsy room. Volume II shows guerilla death squads in El Salvador, Napalm bombings in Vietnam, the drugging of a monkey, a dolphin slaughter, a train disaster in India, Cambodian lepers, a death museum, a driver high on PCP and a boxer going down for the final count. Volume III exposes viewers to a disaster on Germany?s Autobahn, drug smugglers meeting their demise in Florida?s Everglades, a parachutist landing in a crocodile pit, torture and murder in El Salvador, a PCP addict getting high, a videotaped rape/murder and a gruesome encounter between a car thief and two junkyard dogs. Volume IV depicts a cremation, an electrocution, a terrorist destroyed by his own bomb, the massacre of a Columbian wedding party, the drawing and quartering of a Russian peasant and a man-eating tiger turning on its trainer.

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