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Former outlaw Tex Ryan steps into a bitter feud between a group of ranchers and homesteaders who are fighting each other for control of the frontier. Summoned by his uncle to assist the cattlemen at the Bar Y, Tex arrives to learn that his uncle has been murdered and that he has inherited the ranch. Tensions are mounting between the two factions and Ryan soon figures out the real source of the trouble - Ross Landers, his former employer in criminal enterprise. Using the name Rand Lassiter, he presents himself as a neutral party in the feud. Lassiter and his gang have been secretly playing both sides though, staging raids and attacks to add fuel to the fire, hoping to scare off residents and buy up their land. Rand offers Tex a piece of the action, but Ryan is a changed man. With the local sheriff completely in Lassiter's pocket, Tex makes a last ditch ride to nearby Centerville, where he hopes to gain the support of some honest lawmen in putting an end to Lassiter's campaign of terror. Bob Steele, born Robert Bradbury Jr, began his career as a vaudeville performer in the family act. As an adolescent, he and his twin brother Bill starred in a series of comedic shorts directed by their father. After changing his name to Bob Steele, the young actor found success as a leading man in numerous B westerns, though he was also able to find memorable roles outside of the genre. As the age of television was ushered in, Steele appeared in many western series, including a stint as Trooper Duffy in "F Troop."

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ALP4882 Feud Maker DVD (1938/Bob Steele) $5.99