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Hotel Babylon is a delicious nighttime soap, full of froth, intrigue, and, of course, kinky sex (what hotel isn't?). This British series revolves around a high-end hotel whose customers are accustomed to getting whatever they want, discreetly. Catering to those whims is the sly, ambitious, slightly dissolute Charlie (played with rakish charm by Max Beesley), around whom most of the action swirls. Just a few of the requests Charlie accommodates: a blow-up sex doll, paparazzi to be tipped, and a live goat to be slaughtered in a room. Nothing appears to be off-limits at the Hotel Babylon, including booking a troublesome American rock band, the Junk Dogs. In one episode, the hotel staff is seen calculating the pounds rolling in from the bar tab alone--until it's revealed that the band members have given up drinking. Charlie's task is to figure out other ways to milk the guests, and he jumps in with creativity. The production values are high-end, and the characters drawn with nuance and precision, including the hotel's minxy manager, Rebecca (Tamzin Outhwraite), who seems to have an agenda of her own. The topnotch ensemble cast includes Dexter Fletcher (of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) as the concierge, and Emma Pierson as the ambitious young Anna.

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Special Features Eight episodes on three discs Commentary on episode 1 The Making of Hotel Babylon Due to contractual reasons, certain edits have been made

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