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Two films so utterly insane, strait jackets should be required! First, see what happens when a film started by the director of "The Giant Spider Invasion" is finished by Herschell Gordon Lewis, the man who made "Two Thousand Maniacs." Yup, it's "Monster-a-Go-Go" (1965, 69 min.), a screwy sci-fi obscurity in which an astronaut goes up but a ten-foot, crusty-faced creature comes back to stalk sexy sunbathers, strangle scientists, attack twist-party teens, and spew radiation that leaves his victims "shriveled up like a dried prune." It'll dig through your brain like a cinematic lobotomy! Then strap on the seatbelts for the most maddening, jaw-dropping, mind-bending piece of celluloid lunacy ever to play American theaters. It's "Psyched by the 4-D Witch" (1972, 81 min.), in which innocent little Cindy becomes possessed by the sex-crazed spirit of a Salem witch while her brother becomes "The King of Sex Vampires." A crackpot oddity told almost entirely in LSD-style psychedelic effects, this was advertised as "A Psychic Freakout from the Underground." Warning: repeated viewings may cause chromosome damage and flashbacks!

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Special Features Crackpot Horror Trailers for "Monster-a-Go-Go," "Blood Bath," "Bourbon Street Shadows," "Creature of the Walking Dead," "Eyes of Hell," "Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster," "Insect-o-thon Midnight Show," "Psycossissimo," "Something Weird," "Tales of the Bizarre" and the combo "Witchcraft" and "The Horror of It All!" Homemade Horror Short: "Bedtime Booga Booga" Trippy Short: "Psyched by the 2D Dot" An evil psychiatrist, a lesbian maid, and a room full of monsters scare a Manhattan socialite in the 36-minute featurette "Driving Miss Daisy Crazy" Gallery of Horrorama Drive-In Exploitation Art with Radio Spot Rarities!

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