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A mysterious girl with a dark past and a desperate survivor still mourning the loss of loved ones attempt to avoid falling victim to a highly-contagious psychological plague by holding up in an isolated Braehead farm in first-time feature film director Kerry Anne Mullaney's grim apocalyptic thriller. It swept through the populated areas of Scotland like wildfire, a neurological plague that rendered it's victims frightened, paranoid, and deadly violent before ultimately taking their lives. Daniel refuses to give up hope that the outbreak was isolated to Scotland, and April has been surviving on her own for months. Shortly after the two come together at a secluded farm, they set up a barbed wire perimeter to protect them from wandering plague victims who may try to break in. But there's an even more dangerous enemy than the one that wants to infect their minds and render them mad, an enemy that is closer to home than either Daniel or April realizes. Before long, they will have to face this enemy head on.

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VAN1041 Dead Outside DVD (2009/Sandra Louise Douglas) $19.95