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Ann Sothern is Susie, private secretary to talent agent Peter Sands (Don Porter), in this in this delightful series of comic adventures that ran on TV Sunday nights from 1953 to 1957. Susie, with long-suffering receptionist Vi Praskins (Ann Tyrrell), keeps the office of International Artists humming in the world of insecure actors, snobby writers and big-shot producers. "Private Secretary" (AKA "Susie") was nominated for five Emmy Awards and continues to enchant all who come under Susie's lively secretarial spell. Elusive: Peter's meeting with reclusive screen legend, Inga Kovar, has the office buzzing. When the actress disappears, Susie must find her. Her Best Enemy: Rival talent agent Cagey Calhoun tries one ridiculous ruse after another to get into Susie's filing cabinet, desperate to sneak a peek at her new client's contract. The Efficiency Expert: An efficiency expert whips the office into shape in preparation for a poosible merger with the massive American Entertainment Agency. Two and Two Make Five: The I.R.S. agent sent to audit Susie has a real talent for talking like a cartoon character. Guest Star: Mel Blanc

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ALP5314 Private Secretary Volume 4 DVD (1953/Ann Sothern) $5.99