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This Hollywood remake of the French film Pepe le Moko features Charles Boyer as the master criminal hiding out in The Casbah. Pepe's nemesis, French police inspector Slimane, waits patiently for Pepe to make one wrong move. When Pepe falls head over heels in love with the beautiful tourist Gaby (Hedy Lamarr, in her first American film), he becomes too preoccupied to keep up his guard against the relentless inspector. An intriguing chain of events, including his betrayal by the woman (Sigrid Gurie) he scorned in favor of Gaby, conspire to create Pepe's heart-rending downfall. The dramatic ending is legendary, and the mysterious, murky Casbah is a perfect backdrop for this riveting tale of love, passion and greed.

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ALP6109 Algiers DVD (1938/Charles Boyer/Hedy Lamarr) $5.99