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The governor's son, on government business, is hijacked on the road and kidnapped by a ruthless gang of thugs who hold him as a hostage, demanding their leader's release from prison. The governor sends the legendary Golden Swallow (Cheng Pei-Pei) to rescue him. Golden Swallow arrives in town disguised as a man, and soon meets up with members of the gang in a local pub. She orders them to surrender. They refuse, and test her, throwing various objects at her, which she calmly deflects, before mounting a full-scale attack. As they fight, Drunken Cat (Yueh Hua), a kung fu master disguised as a beggar, enters the pub and looks on amusedly. Soon the two join forces to rescue the governor's son, and to defeat the wicked monk who aids the gang, and who learned his skills from the same master who taught Drunken Cat. Legendary Hong Kong action director King Hu (Swordsman) made Come Drink With Me for the Shaw brothers in 1966

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Special Features * Feature commentary with lead actress Cheng Pei-Pei and Hong Kong cinema expert Bey Logan * The King and I: acclaimed director Tsui Hark remembers King Hu * Come Speak With Me: an exlusive interview with leading lady Cheng Pei-Pei * A Classic Remembered: a retrospective with Hong Kong cinema expert Bey Logan * Return of the Drunken Master: an exclusive interview with leading man Yueh Hua * Trailer Gallery

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