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In order to avoid the material copyrighted by Douglas Fairbanks Sr. for his 1922 Robin Hood, the scripters of this Flynn version relied on several legendary episodes that had never before been filmed, notably the battle between Robin and Little John (Alan Hale Sr., who played this part three times in his long career) and the "piggy-back" episode between Robin and Friar Tuck (Eugene Pallette). The film ties together the various ancient anecdotes with a storyline bounded by the capture in Austria of Richard the Lionheart (Ian Hunter) on one end and Richard's triumphant return to England on the other. Robin Hood is already an outlaw at the outset of the film, while Maid Marian (Olivia de Havilland) is initially part of the enemy camp, as one of Prince John's (Claude Rains) entourage. Marian warms up to

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Special Features * Commentary by film historian Rudy Behlmer * Leonard Maltin hosts Warner Night at the Movies 1938 featuring vintage newsreel, musical short Freddie Rich and His Orchestra, classic cartoon Katnip Kollege and Angels With Dirty Faces theatrical trailer * 2 in-depth documentaries: * Welcome to Sherwood: The Story of The Adventures of Robin Hood * Glorious Technicolor, celebrating this revered color filmmaking process * Outtakes * Robin Hood Through the Ages: Excerpts from the 1912 first screen adaptation, Douglas Fairbanks' rousing 1922 silent and this 1938 version - dubbed in German * A Journey to Sherwood Forest: Basil Rathbone and Erich Wolfgang Korngold home movies shot during production * 2 classic cartoons: Rabbit Hood and Robin Hood Daffy * Splitting the Arrow: historical art, costume design, scene concept drawings, cast & crew, publicity & poster galleries * 2 vintage short subjects: Cavalcade of Archery and The Cruise of the Zaca * Breakdowns of 1938: Studio Blooper Reel * 3 audio-only bonuses: * Music-only audio track showcasing the film's Oscar Winning score * The Robin Hood Radio Show * Korngold Piano Sessions * Errol Flynn trailer gallery

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