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Historically important as the first CinemaScope feature film, 20th Century-Fox's The Robe is fine dramatic entertainment in its own right. Based on the best-selling novel by Lloyd C. Douglas, the film stars Richard Burton as the wastrelly Roman tribune who is assigned by a weary Pontius Pilate (Richard Boone, who spends the whole of his single scene washing his hands) to supervise the crucifixion of Christ. After the Seven Last Words, the jaded Burton wins Christ's robe in a dice game. Gradually, the mystical influence of the holy garment transforms Burton from a roistering cynic into a True Believer--at the cost of his own life, which he willingly gives up in the service of his Lord. Also starring in The Robe are Jean Simmons as Burton's pious childhood sweetheart, Victor Mature as his Christian-convert slave Demetrius (an excellent performance--in fact, Mature is more believable than Burton!), Michael Rennie as the disciple Peter, and Jay Robinson as the raving Emperor Caligula.

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Special Features Introduction by Martin Scorsese Commentary with film composer David Newman and film historians Jon Burlingame, Julie Kirgo and Nick Redman Isolated Score: The Music of the Robe - Alfred Newman's score The Making of the Robe featurette The Cinemascope Story featurette From Scripture to Script: The Bible and Hollywood featurette Audio interview with Philip Dunne (1969) Bonusview Picture-in-Picture - The Robe Times Two: A Comparision of Widescreen and Standard Versions Bonusview Picture-in-Picture - A Seamless Faith - The Real-Life Search for the Robe featurette Fox Movietonews Still galleries Interactive pressbook

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