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Lucille Ball and Jack Oakie team up for a double helping of laughter and fun in this uproarious two-film collection featuring the zany misadventures of screen queen Annabel Allison and her publicist Lanny Morgan. In The Affairs of Annabel (1938), Lanny decides to promote Annabel's upcoming film The Man and the Maid by getting her a job as a servant, but the stunt backfires when gangsters take over the household. Lanny's harebrained schemes continue in the second and final film of the series, Annabel Takes a Tour (1938), where the press agent cooks up a romance between a British viscount (Ralph Forbes) and his client but neglects to tell Annabel it's all a fake and that her new boyfriend is married with children.

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WAA591860 Affairs of Annabel / Annabel Takes a Tour DVD (1938/Lucille Ball/Jack Oakie) $21.99