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Based on the controversial British novel, Doing It by Melvin Burgess, this edgy teen drama follows the friendships of three coming-of-age boys through the angst of adolescence--and does so with candor, humor, and occasionally eloquence. The three-disc set includes 11 one-hour episodes from the show's only season (2004-2005), two unaired episodes ("Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Junk," and "Papa Wheelie"), and a bevy of bonus features including deleted scenes, audio commentaries, and a gag reel. Set in Seattle, Dino, Ben, and Jonathan are a trio of hormonally charged high schoolers trying to navigate through the confusion of girls, broken families, and their never-satiated sexual appetites. They, along with their girlfriends, frequently step out from the story's action to narrate their inner thoughts--not an original idea, but effective. While the "Pilot" and "Pilot Junior" episodes are overtly sexual, the series quickly becomes more multi-dimensional, artfully exploring complex issues of identity, popularity, body image, trust, and the consequences of irresponsible behavior. As the boys' emotions are unveiled, their personal predicaments become the show's primary focus; their sexual exploits secondary. Funny, frank, and smart, the writing refrains from moralizing nor stoops to a soap-fest, making this a stand out among similar dramas (with producers from Freaks and Geeks and My So Called Life). The male protagonists are decent actors in endearing roles, yet one of the show's strongest performances is from Kelly Osbourne who plays Jonathan's sometimes girlfriend, Deborah. The series is not without flaws, which include some cliché plotlines involving illicit affairs between teacher/student and mother/coach. Sexuality, profanity, and mature themes.

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Special Features All 14 episodes from the 2004-05 series including 2 unaired episodes Deleted scenes and outtakes Photo gallery Audio commentaries with cast

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