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Soviet secret agent Vera "Miss V" Marova (Lola Lane) uses her uncanny resemblance to a Nazi spy to infiltrate the Gestapo in Paris. The Nazis are warned the notorious Miss V might be in their midst, but her "calling card" - a cigarette case from Hitler himself - convinces Captain Anton Kleis (Noel Madison) that she is, in fact, Germany's famous spy. Over dinner with the beautiful imposter, Anton leaks a top secret plan to blow up an American fleet headed for Moscow. Passing the vital information to Russia, the operative's covert actions rouse suspicion. Although her life is in grave danger, Miss V gathers deadly new intelligence - the Nazis have changed their plan of attack. Aided by a downed American pilot, she tries frantically to alert the Allies as the murderous Gestapo close in fast. Lola Lane appeared with her sisters, actresses Priscilla and Rosemary Lane, in the hit movies Four Daughters (1938) and Daughters Courageous (1939). Other film credits include Marked Woman (1937) starring Bette Davis and Humphrey Bogart, and the serial Burn 'Em Up Barnes (1934). With his sinister facial features, Noel Madison was often cast as villains and saboteurs on film. Madison starred in another WWII spy thriller, Bombs Over Burma, the same year he made Miss V from Moscow.

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