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In 17th century France, master swordsman Gil de Berault is accused of illegally dueling within the Paris city limits and is sentenced to hang on the gallows. Moments before being fitted for a noose, de Berault's life is spared by powerful Cardinal Richelieu, who has a secret mission for him. Richelieu and King Louis XIII are worried about the rising rebelliousness of the Huguenots, and they task the swordsman with capturing Duke Edmond, the leader of the rebels. Gil is certain the job will be an easy one, but when he falls in love with Edmond's sister, Marguerite, his mission becomes much more complicated and deadly. Under the Red Robe (1937), featuring masterful camerawork by award-winnning cinematographer James Wong Howe, marks the final film by the godfather of Swedish cinema, Victor Seastrom (Sjostrom), who was also one of the most highly resepected directors of silent film in early Hollywood. Acclaimed German actor Conrad Veidt, who stars as Gil de Berault, is well remembered for his role as Gestapo Major Strasser in the acclaimed WWII thriller, Casablanca (1942). Appearing here as the infamous Cardinal Richelieu, Raymond Massey received an Oscar nomination three years later for his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln in the classic historical drama, Abe LIncoln in Illinois (1940).

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