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Newly-elected Congressman Roy Rogers desperately seeks relief for the thousands whose farms are being decimated in the "Great Dust Bowl." Nature's harsh hand is being aided by the Great Western Water & Power Company, who have built an enormous dam and are charging farmers exorbitant rates for water. But, new to Capitol Hill, Roy's attempts to bring attention to the plight of his constituents go unheeded. A beautiful lobbyist, Eleanor Fairbanks, helps Roy with a winning strategy. He holds a Texas-style barbecue for a group of important senators. When Roy shows them a film about the realities of the drought and the devastating effects on western children and their families, the senators pledge support. But Roy is unaware that Eleanor is the daughter of the Water Company's president, and will betray him in his moment of triumph. Roy Roger's first major starring role, Under Western Stars is presented here complete and uncut. This film's excellent production values included beautiful location filming at California's Lone Pine "Alabama Hills" where a real dust storm came along with the cameras rolling, providing some spectaclar footage.

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