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The Scarlet Brand (1932, B&W): Rustler Bill Morse tricks drifter Bud Bryson into branding rancher John Walker's stolen cattle. When Walker's men catch him in the act, they burn their own brand into Bryson's chest. Aching for revenge, Bryson rides to the Walker ranch to settle his score with the owner. His anger is defused when he meets pretty Ellen Walker, the cattleman's daughter. Bryson learns of the long-standing feud between Morse and the Walkers, and he finds himself squarely in the center of it all. Starring Bob Custer, Betty Mack, Robert Walker. Directed by J. P. McGowan. Quick Trigger Lee (1931, B&W): Greedy swindler Jeremy Wales and his no-good son, Sam, cheat old John Saunders out of his lucrative mining claim with fraudulent loan papers. Saunders' friend, Phil "Quick Trigger" Lee, confronts the crooks and, after a nasty brawl, forces them to sign a "paid-in full" receipt for the loan. But Wales isn't about to give up so easily. He sends Sam and a pair of gunmen out to retrieve the note - and to kill the interfering cowboy. Starring Bob Custer, Caryl Lincoln, Monte Montague; Directed by J. P. McGowan.

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