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With its ability to deliver 200 rounds per minute, the Gatling gun was the most formidable killing machine to emerge in the Old West. Certain that the gun will make his tribe invincible, Apache chief Two-Knives is determined to seize the weapon being transported by a cavalry detachment led by Lieutenant Malcolm. The jammed gun will not fire, and the horse soldiers find themselves surrounded by over a hundred bloodthirsty warriors. Malcolm stubbornly resolves to hold out to the last man and prevent the renegades from gaining possession of the deadly machine gun. Guy Stockwell who appeared in scores of films and TV shows, stars in this 1971 production. Former child actor Robert Gordon appeared as young Al Jolson's son in The Jazz Singer (1927). He went on to direct The Joe Louis Story (1953), It Came From Beneath The Sea (1955) and dozens of TV shows. The all-star supporting cast includes prolific TV actress Barbara Luna, Woody Strode, John Carradine, Patrick Wayne, Phil Harris, Pat Buttram and Robert Fuller.

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ALP6384 Gatling Gun DVD (1971/Guy Stockwell) $5.99