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When the fear stops... you're dead! Detective Sam Dietz (The Accused's Leo Rossi battles his most unspeakable adversaries ever in two shocking thrillers! In Relentless 3, a savagely cunningly serial killer is carving up innocent young women and taunting police by mailing them pieces of his handiwork. Reluctantly, Dietz joins the case which takes a nightmarish personal twist when the sexual-psychopath turns his murderous attentions to Sam's beautiful girlfriend. But as the maniac closes in, Sam realizes there's something hauntingly familiar about the killer's grisly technique-- a clue that will lead Sam to the shocking truth and plunge him into a chilling confrontation with absolute, uncontrollable evil! Then Dietz returns in Relentless 4 as a bloodthirsty serial killer with a passion for ritualistic executions picks his targets based on their connection to a beautiful psychiatrist (X-Men's Famke Janssen) who's hiding a deadly secret of her own! RELENTLESS 3 is rated "R" for strong violence and sexuality, and for language.

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ID1656 Relentless 3&4 DVD (1993/94) $9.98