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Lifetime's Army Wives is one of TV's most satisfying dramas. And why not? Like the best hospital or police procedurals, the show portrays the imminent threat of death; like the best workplace shows, it features a wide variety of characters thrown together in a small, unforgiving environment--and lets the drama unfold. Season Two shows how the characters have grown on the Army base--flawed though they may be, and always trying to make the world (or their own marriages) a better place. There's more infidelity (say it ain't so, Frank!), more flirtations, more blossoming and unlikely friendships, and a lot more true drama. Standouts in this season include the spunky Sally Pressman (Roxy) who plans to reopen the Hump Bar after last season's shocking tragedy there. Kim Delaney and Catherine Bell also give the cast its strong bone structure, though their characters experience fewer peaks and valleys this season. Sterling K. Brown is also especially compelling, as a man torn between commitment to country and to love. Fans will devour the extras on the boxed set, including fascinating background information on how the U.S. military has cooperated with the production, in ways large and small; interviews with key cast members on how they have connected with their characters; and a goofy bloopers reel.

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