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At a trendy London nightclub, Bernard (played by Jean-Louis Trintignant) sees a gorgeous young lady named Jane Burroughs (Ewa Aulin) whom he later discovers hiding in a room next to the recently murdered corpse of an old man. Jane swears that she is innocent and believes that this murder has been committed by the same men who arranged her father s accidental death. Bernard grabs Jane and they go on the run. Now framed for the murder, Bernard and his new girlfriend to try and solve the mystery with the police and some very nasty thugs on their trail. This convoluted plot, loaded with twists and red herrings takes a backseat to the comic book style in which Deadly Sweet is delivered. Directly referencing Michelangelo Antonioni's Blow Up and psychically taking queues from Seijin Suzuki's Tokyo Drifter, Tinto Brass, a director better known for his catalog of erotic and exploitation features (Salon Kitty and Caligula), is firing on all cylinders here. His direction is fast and loose in this labor of love and there are too many film and pop culture references to list. The camerawork is sharp, colorful, and makes the film look years ahead of its time. The film even switches to splendid black and white in strange, seemingly random intervals. Complimenting all this is the lightning fast editing with split screens and quick cuts that help to make the film into a decadent assault on the senses. The soundtrack by composer Armando Trovajoli is slinky and badass but the song Love Girl that plays on and off throughout the film is a chunk of super psychedelic awfulness. Jean-Louis Trintignant (Without Apparent Motive) is ridiculously cool as Bernard, a clever son of a bitch and Ewa Aulin (of Death Smiled at Murder) is 17 different varieties of super hotness as Jane, the young damsel in distress. These two have a very bizarre and playful relationship. What better way to spice up your whirlwind romance than by trying to catch a murderer together? Now that s dating outside the box. In fact, most of this film deals with their burgeoning love affair. Deadly Sweet is a pop art murder mystery/love story produced shortly before the giallo genre would explode into an unstoppable juggernaut in the early 70s. This swingin flick is a funny, sexy, and wildly eclectic masterpiece less concerned with plot than it is with reveling its youthful 60s vibe. There is very little bloodshed in Deadly Sweet but the quick pace and comic book action sequences make for a very entertaining and unique feature.

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Special Features - Widescreen version (16X9 Enhanced) - Restored, uncensored Director's Cut - Exclusive English audio commentary by Tinto Brass - Lobby Card Gallery - Trailer

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