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Aoi Hiiragi's manga about a schoolgirl's adventures with a very unusual feline comes to the screen in this witty anime feature. Haru is a girl who one day saves the life of a cat while on her way to school. To her surprise, Haru learns she came to the rescue of no ordinary cat -- the kitty introduces her to the Kingdom of the Cats, where the feline potentate attempts to arrange a marriage between her and his son. Brought into a world he never knew existed, Haru learns a few lessons about herself as he discovers more about the strange and magical secret world of the cats.

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Special Features * cc Behind the microphone with voice talent from the film including Anne Hathaway, Cary Elwes, and more * The Making of The Cat Returns * Complete storyboards - get an insider's look at the film's artistry * Original Japanese theatrical trailers

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