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“If you sink this ship you’ll kill the world” Malcolm McDowell (A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, TIME AFTER TIME) is the star of this gripping science-fiction saga set on the storm-tossed seas of a poisoned future world. Ten years after losing his ship and crew, a disgraced sea captain is given a chance to redeem himself when the powerful Proxate Corporation needs a shipment of synthetic protein ferried to refugees of The Nigerian War. Put in charge of the S.S. Lilith, a rat-infested supertanker crewed by the criminally insane, Captain Murdoch must also contend with a untrustworthy security officer (Michael Paré of THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT and CARVER’S GATE) and a hidden cargo of biochemical weapons capable of starting the apocalyptic 20 Minute Plague. Attacked from above by warplanes and from within by a mutinous crew, Murdoch is also brought face-to-face with an android killing machine whose objective is to send the Lilith to the nearest land… 1,000 meters straight down! This WorldFest award-winning film also features Heidi von Palleske (David Cronenberg’s DEAD RINGERS, George Romero’s LAND OF THE DEAD) and Gwynyth Walsh (BLUE MONKEY, STAR TREK GENERATIONS). Directed by Philip Jackson (REPLIKATOR).

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MP8149 2103: The Deadly Wake (DVD (2007/Malcolm McDowell) $19.98 $17.99