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"Monsieur Beaucaire", based on the classic novel (of same name) by Booth Tarkington, has Hope playing a court barber, Monsieur Beaucaire, for King Louis XV. He's also hopelessly in love with Mimi (Joan Caulfield), a beautiful chambermaid. The King sentences Beaucaire to be beheaded after causing a "marital dispute" between the King & Queen. Mimi, meanwhile, is banished from France, also because of Beaucaire! He is luckily saved from death by the Duc de Chandre, played by Patrick Knowles, said to be one of Hollywood's finest swordsmen of the 30s & 40s. Beaucaire's problems are just beginning, however, as he gets himself into deeper trouble by posing as the Duc de Chandre. Mimi also causes him further trouble, but eventually she forgives him. This wonderful comedy ends with a hilarious swordfight & a cameo by "George Washington"! "Where There's Life" has Hope playing Michael Valentine, a guy who's life is changed forever when it's discovered that he's a long-lost heir of a kingdom. Soon he has spies, assassins, & two women fighting over him! There's also great comic support from William Bendix, who plays his typical "dumb cop" character to perfection! If you're a fan of Bob Hope, then this dvd is a definite must!

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MC21362 Monsieur Beaucaire/Where There's Life DVD (1947/1942/Bob Hope) $14.98