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Meet Chris Waitt, a hapless thirty-something filmmaker, unsuccessful musician and complete failure of a boyfriend. But when Chrisí latest girlfriend dumps him, he decides to create an honest chronicle of his disastrous romantic history. Now armed with a camera, boom mike and some help from his mom, Chris is tracking down and interviewing all of his old girlfriends in hopes of finding out what went wrong...or maybe even hooking up again. Along the way, heíll learn some brutally hilarious truths about relationships, responsibility and his own sexual dysfunction, including punishment by a dominatrix and an overdose of Viagra. Itís an uncompromisingly funny journey of self-discovery Ė and a sometimes-poignant ex-love story Ė about one manís mission to re-open any emotional wound just to get a little closure.

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IFC9531 Complete History of My Sexual Failures DVD (2010/Chris Waitt) $24.98 $21.49