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These films, while packaged as Bob Hope vehicles, are typical all star musical comedy programmers from Paramount, populated by numerous performers of which Hope is but one. These were his first 2 feature films, both released in 1938, although Hope had appeared in shorts for some years. Both are screwy and absurd in the Paramount fashion and accordingly good fun. "College Swing" showcases Gracie Allan doing her thing as a student who inherits a college from which she is unable to graduate. She is paired delightfully with Edward Everett Horton but Martha Raye, as a French Professor of Love, steals the show, partcularly in a funny number with Hope "Howdya like to love me"? Raye also pairs with Ben Blue for "What a Rhumba does for Romance" which is catchy with some very witty lyrics. "The Big Broadcast" stars an obnoxious W C Fields in an absurd story of 2 ocean liners racing each other across the Atlantic. Fields is unsympathetic and accordingly not very funny. His golf routine is amusing. The famous highlight of the film is Hope's song with the charming and easygoing Shirley Ross "Thanks for the Memory". The film also benefits from some stylish camera angles and deco set design, typical of the director Mitchell Liesen.

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MC21462 College Swing/Big Broadcast Of 1938 DVD (1938/Bob Hope) $14.98