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The Three Missing Links from 1938 features the Stooges as janitors who get jobs as extras in a jungle movie. Curly in a gorilla suit encounters a real gorilla. "How High is Up" from 1940 has the Stooges as tinkers who can fix anything. They end up working as riveters on a high rise building where Curly eats a rivet thinking its a hot dog. Vernon Dent is the boss. Dutiful but Dumb" 1941, The Stooges are photographers for Whack magazine ("If it's a good picture it's out of Whack") who, after messing up an assignment, are sent to the country of Vulgaria to get a picture of a death ray gun. In Vulgaria the penalty for taking pictures is death, and the boys soon wind up in front of a firing squad. "Crash Goes the Hash" 1944 - The Stooges are hired as reporters and their first assignment is to get a picture of a visiting prince who is planning to marry a local socialite. The boys impersonate servants and infiltrate a party for the prince. The Stooges ruin the party, but save the day when they expose the prince as a crook who is planning to rob the house. "Body Dupes" finds The Stooges as fish peddlers who decide to cut out the middleman by catching their own fish. They trade their car and $300 for a "new" boat which turns out to be a piece of junk that soon falls apart and sinks in the middle of the ocean.

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