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A minor novella by Joseph Conrad, Amy Foster, is the basis for this historical drama set in late 19th century rural England. The title character, Amy (Rachel Weisz) is a servant girl to the family of Miss Swaffer (Kathy Bates). The story of Amy's life is told in flashbacks by the family doctor, James Kennedy (Ian McKellen), who is caring for Swaffer. Amy's life changes when a shipwrecked man, Yanko Goorall (Vincent Perez), washes up on shore. Yanko is at first taken to be an escaped lunatic, but Amy befriends him, wooing him in a seaside cave where she keeps treasures washed up from the sea, just as he was. Kennedy and Yanko become friends, and the doctor gives the Russian man English lessons in exchange for chess lessons. Over the doctor's objections, the Swaffers help Amy and Yanko marry, giving them a cottage for a home. They have a son, but Yanko contracts pneumonia during a harsh winter, and Amy flees for help with their baby, only to return to find him dead. Kennedy, who was secretly in love with Yanko himself, blames Amy for his death, but Swaffer sets him straight and makes him apologize to Amy.

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Special Features Interactive menus Languages: English [2-channel and 5.1 Dolby Digital], Spanish, French Subtitles: English, Spanish, French Theatrical trailer Scene selections Widescreen and full screen formats

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