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Beautiful Suzanne Ricord's heart is broken by crafty Count Balraine after she resists his pre-marital advances, and he demands the return of his engagement ring. Later, she spies the ring on the finger of an older woman named Diane, the Count's newest fiancee. With the help of Tony, one of her many admirers, Suzanne plots to retrieve the jeweled band and is thrilled when Diane and the Count split up. Later, when it seems that Tony has run off with Diane, Suzanne belatedly realizes that she's in love with him. Gigolettes of Paris was the only movie directed by French actor Alphonse Martell, eager for a career change after the advent of sound films led to one too many French waiter roles. Fate had other plans for him, and he continued being typecast in over 200 films until 1968. Silent film actress Madge Bellamy never quite clicked in talkies either, and is best remembered for appearing in White Zombie(1932) with Bela Lugosi. Gilbert Roland fared better, advancing from silents to a long career in starring roles, most notably as the Cisco Kid in a half dozen entries of this popular film series in the 1940s.

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