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This Forgotten Film Noir includes PORTLAND EXPOSE and THEY WERE SO YOUNG. In the 1950ís LIFE Magazine printed a blistering exposť on the rampant sin, crime and Teamsters-controlled corruption that at the time had a stranglehold on Portland, Oregon. Producer Lindsley Parsons seized upon the considerable publicity and assembled a cast of great character actors for the starring roles. Although the film crew was threatened with physical violence, the result is a dark and gritty filmed-on-location crime drama that contains considerable violence for a 1950ís movie, most notably a violent rape scene with the Frank Gorshin character and a teenage girl. 72 min, B&W, 1.85:1, NR, 1957 The second feature, They Were So Young: Five European models arrive in Rio de Janeiro and become trapped in a white slavery ring. An exciting crime melodrama with Raymond Burr at his villainous best! 80 min, B&W, 1.85:1, NR, 1954

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