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Stanley Kubrick’s Paths of Glory is among the most powerful antiwar films ever made. A fiery Kirk Douglas stars as a World War I French colonel who goes head-to-head with the army’s ruthless top brass when his men are accused of cowardice after being unable to carry out an impossible mission. This haunting, exquisitely photographed dissection of the military machine in all its absurdity and capacity for dehumanization (a theme Kubrick would continue to explore throughout his career) is assembled with its legendary director’s customary precision, from its tense trench warfare sequences to its gripping courtroom climax to its ravaging final scene.

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Special Features # New audio commentary featuring critic Gary Giddins # Excerpt from a 1966 audio interview with director Stanley Kubrick # Television interview from 1979 with star Kirk Douglas # New video interviews with Kubrick’s longtime executive producer Jan Harlan, Paths of Glory producer James B. Harris, and actress Christiane Kubrick # French television piece about a real-life World War I execution that partly inspired the film # Theatrical trailer # PLUS: A booklet featuring an essay by film scholar James Naremore

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