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The Cowboy And The Senorita (1944, B&W): Roy Rogers picks up a gold bracelet, not knowing that it belongs to a missing young girl, Chip Williams. He arrives at the office of town boss, Craig Allen seeking work, but is immediately arrested for kidnapping. He is freed, when Chip rides into town alive and well, admitting that she had run away. Roy suspects that Craig Allen is plotting to trick the girl out of her inheritance, a "worthless" mine. He will need to find evidence of gold and fast, or Chip will be left destitute. Starring Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Guinn "Big Boy" Williams, Fuzzy Knight, Lucien Littlefield,Bob Nolan And The Sons Of the Pioneers; Directed by Joseph Kane. Under Nevada Skies (1946, B&W): Returning home to Bear Valley, Roy is almost killed by a fancy car driven by pretty Helen Williams, a new arrival in town. A talented singer, Helen is hired by Tom Craig, proprietor of The Trading Post Hotel. When her new employer is murdered, she confides in Roy. Craig has stolen a jeweled crest from Helen's father in which is hidden a map of a uranium deposit. A syndicate which seeks the map has murdered Craig. They now target Roy and Helen, who must race to locate the crest, before they become the gang's next victims.

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ALP5931 Roy Rogers Double Feature DVD: The Cowboy and the Senorita (1944) / Under Nevada Skies (1946) $5.99