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On the day he is fired after 22 years as a bank clerk, Harold Diddlebock (Harold Lloyd) drowns his sorrows at a bar. He recklessly places a large bet at the track and wins, and with the cash he buys a circus. Soliciting banks to buy the circus, he visits them with his new pet, Jackie the lion, and ends up in jail for his stunt. He is flooded with offers, promptly starting another wild spree that leaves him even richer --- and married! In Harold Lloyd's last film, he recreates his famous ledge gag (from Safety Last), dangling on a chain from a lion's neck on the top floor of a skyscraper. A modern sequel to Harold Lloyd's classic silent comedy, The Freshman, The Sin of Harold Diddlebock (aka Mad Wednesday) was written and directed in lavish screwball comic style by Preston Sturgess.

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ALP4324 Sin Of Harold Diddlebock DVD (aka Mad Wednesday) (1947/Harold Lloyd) $5.99