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A wealthy British explorer, Sir Ronald Chatham, accompanied by his young son, embarks on a dangerous scientific mission to search for valuable deposits of tungsten in the Arabian Desert. Crossing the desert sands on camelback, Sir Ronald's party is massacred by a tribe of evil Arabs and only the youngster survives - rescued by a mysterious white woman. Injured herself and near death, she leaves him in the care of a wizened desert mystic who lives peacefully alongside the lions. The old man takes the child in and raises him to manhood. Years later the handsome young man (Jon Hall), now revered as "El Lion" by the Arabs, learns about the fate of his father and sets out to avenge his murder. The Lion Man is a tale of survival in a harsh and savage country from the imagination of Edgar Rice Burroughs, the creator of Tarzan.

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ALP4496 Lion Man DVD (1936/Jon Hall) $5.99