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Unconquered Bandit (1934, B&W): Powerful land baron Frank Cleyburn and his gang terrorize local settlers in an effort to drive them off their gold-rich land. Tom Morgan, who owns a ranch just south of the border, joins in the struggle against Cleyburn after the cutthroats murder his father. When the law fails to protect the ranchers, Tom impersonates an infamous bandit named "The Night Hawk," and conducts his own campaign of revenge against the criminals. Unconquered Bandit, the third of Tom Tyler's 17 "B" Westerns released by Reliable Pictures over a two-year period, ranks among the best starring vehicles made by this popular movie cowboy. It's quite a novelty to see the brawny, darkly handsome Tyler decked out in flamboyant Mexican garb - sombrero and all. Stars Tom Tyler, Lillian Gilmore, Charles Whitaker; Directed by Harry S. Webb. God's Country and The Man (1931, B&W): Sadistic Zack Livermore runs his smuggling operation with an iron fist. Tex Malone is sent undercover to gather evidence proving that Livermore is selling arms to Mexican General Gomez. Complicating his mission, Tex falls for sexy siren Rose, who is Livermore's girlfriend. Livermore discovers that Rose is a traitor and turns her over to the general's sex-starved troops. Tex races off in a desperate attempt to free Rose before its too late. God's Country and the Man features a very young George Hayes sporting short hair and a thick Irish brogue, stealing the show as the comic sidekick who pays the ultimate price for friendship. Al Bridge, who plays the violin toting villain, co-wrote the script with director J.P. McCarthy. Stars Tom Tyler, Betty Mack, Al Bridge, Ted Adams, George Hayes, Julian Rivera; Directed by J.P. McCarthy.

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