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Daredevil pilot Bob Norris is crazy for Lila Beaumont. So crazy that he's willing to quit flying and take a job at her father's bank, in order to prove himself worthy of her hand in marriage. Bob is a fish out-of-water at the bank, bumbling one assignment after another. Still worse, one of Mr. Beaumont's partners embezzles a fortune, frames Bob for his crime, and is steaming out to sea on a luxury liner with his young secretary. Bob takes off in his amphibious plane, determined to intercept the ship and bring back the real thief. Skyway features the 1933 screen debut of stage actor Ray Walker who would star in a series of B-Pictures such as The Mouthpiece (1935) and Bulldog Edition (1936). By the late 30's he was relegated to supporting and uncredited roles but worked steadily in film and television for three more decades, most notably as a shopkeeper in Frank Capra's 1946 masterpiece, It's a Wonderful Life.

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