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What most serial fans consider THE BEST action serial ever done, the 1942 Republic Pictures SPY SMASHER, is here, in an all-new, digitally-remastered DVD version!! Never before has this film been seen as crisp and clean as this version, restored using state-of-the-art digital technology, as the first offering in Galaxy International /AC Comics new Men of Mystery Presents series of digitally remastered classic films. When Nazi agents, lead by THE MASK, threaten American shores, a new hero springs into action! SPY SMASHER (Played by Kane Richmond) leaps from the pages of Fawcett Publications’ WHIZ COMICS into a thrill-a-minute live-action serial considered one of the best ever made. Director William Witney, master of the action film, also throws in television, mysterious bat planes, ray guns, secret submarines, great chase scenes and breath-taking cliffhanger endings into this 214 minute thriller set in the early days of WWII. Top stuntman Davey Sharpe puts SPY SMASHER through amazing paces that will have you in awe of his prowess. To further complicate matters, Richmond, the perfect, square-jawed hero, plays the dual role of SPY SMASHER and his brother Jack. Beautiful Marguerite Chapman is the gutsy heroine , Armstrong’s girlfriend Eve Colby. Directed by Quentin Tarantino favorite, William Witney. This two-DVD, 15-chapter serial is recorded in all-regions format, and should play in any standard DVD player. In addition to the 214-minute lead feature, this DVD contains extras including an illustrated history of SPY SMASHER in the comic books, from Fawcett’s WHIZ COMICS to AC Comics’ MEN OF MYSTERY. Also, look for the special stunt reel, a compilation of all the best fight scenes from the serial, as performed by stunt great Davey Sharpe, all edited together in a rollicking, 15-minute action sequence. Plus, a SPY SMASHER photo gallery with over 100 stills from the serial, and trailers for other & upcoming Galaxy International DVD releases, including NIGHTVEIL:WITCHWAR, NYOKA & THE TIGERMEN, DON DAREDEVIL RIDES AGAIN, and PANTHERMEN OF THE CONGO

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ACC1 Spy Smasher DVD (1942/Serial/Kane Richmond) $24.95