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Produced in Europe for American audiences, the "Sherlock Holmes" 1954 TV series captures the essence of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's characters and themes. Ronald Howard (son of film star Leslie Howard) stars as the intensely analytical Holmes, aided by Dr. Watson (H. Marion Crawford) and antagonized by the Inspector Lestrade (Archie Duncan). The Case Of The Belligerent Ghost: Watson comes to the aid of a heart attack victim, but his efforts to save the man prove fruitless. On his way back to 221 B Baker Street, he is assaulted by a person he swears is the very same deceased stranger. Intrigued, Holmes endeavors to find a more earthly explanation for his friend's encounter. The Case Of The Blind Man's Bluff: The discovery of a chicken's foot at the location of two murders has Scotland Yard baffled, and Inspector Lestrade turns to Sherlock Holmes for assistance. The Case Of The Tyrant's Daughter: A chemist is arrested for the poisoning of his fiance's stepfather, who was obsessed with keeping the two lovers apart. Despite the damning evidence against the young Mr. Vernon, the old man's housekeeper thinks he is innocent of the murder, and requests the services of Sherlock Holmes. The Case Of The Thistle Killer: A killer is on the loose in London, strangling women and leaving thistles by the bodies of his victims. Desperate to stop the madman before he strikes again, the Superintendent of Police advises Lestrade to utilize the singular talents of Sherlock Holmes.

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