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The dynamic duo of the west ride into high adventure in this exciting and good-natured series starring Dick Jones as sidekick Dick West and Jock Mahoney as the Range Rider! Produced by Gene Autry's production company, "The Range Rider" roared into action on TV from 1951 to 1953. Border City Affair: Framed for killing Border City's sheriff, Dick and the Range Rider must catch the real killer so they can clear their names. Outlaw Pistols: The Range Rider captures bandit Kid Laredo but suspects a greater criminal mastermind behind a series of violent robberies. Blind Trail: The Range Rider confronts a crooked mayor whose gang attempts to kidnap the daughter of a business rival. The Chase: Dick pretends to be the "Panhandle Kid" so the Range Rider can smoke out a female bandit and her gang.

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ALP4889 Range Rider Volume 2 DVD (1951/Jock Mahoney) $5.99