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In the mining town of Panamint, Dick Benton and his Riders of Death Valley keep an eye on crooked businessman Joseph Kirby and his gang. The tables are turned after Benton inherits the map to a long lost Aztec goldmine. As Dick and his compatriots search for the mine, Kirby's gang and his rebellious trigger man Wolfe Reade are on their own quest to steal the map and put Benton and his pals out of commission. Billed by Universal as "The Million Dollar Serial," Riders of Death Valley unfolds over fifteen thrilling chapters. A number of familiar faces appear in the cast, including Lon Chaney Jr, two years after playing one of his most memorable roles as Lennie in Of Mice and Men. Later in 1941, Chaney achieved immortality as star of The Wolf Man.

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Special Features: Digitally Mastered & Restored Photo Gallery & Serial Poster Gallery Actor Bios Scene Selection Menu Bonus Serial Trailers

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