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Trauma dives headfirst into the world of paramedics and EMTs, following a team of first responders in San Francisco grappling with accidents, assaults, and catastrophes. Each episode teases your nerves; every scene that doesn't feature the regular cast is, quite literally, an accident waiting to happen, and some of those accidents are spectacular. Trauma makes the most of this tension by sneaky misdirection--what happens is rarely what you think is going to happen. Giving some balance to the nail biting are the personal lives of the paramedics, EMTs, and doctors. Boone (Derek Luke, Antwone Fisher) risks his marriage with infidelity; Nancy (Anastasia Griffith) vacillates between empathy and iciness; Marisa (Aimee Garcia, Go for It!) and Tyler (Kevin Rankin, Friday Night Lights) have secrets that could threaten their careers; and Rabbit (Cliff Curtis, The Last Airbender), a cocky, domineering helicopter pilot, is driven by personal demons that lead back to his childhood. While arguing and jumping into bed with each other, this raucous crew deals with car accidents, drug overdoses, drive-by shootings, domestic violence, fireworks gone wrong, snipers, hostage situations, and more. Trauma doesn't hold any surprises; it's solid formula television, capably executed and sincere. Basically, it's the classic 1970s series Emergency! on steroids and with more sex--in a clever touch, one of the stars of Emergency!, Kevin Tighe, appears in an episode as an old hand brought briefly out of retirement. Extras for Trauma: Season 1 include a commentary track for the pilot episode and lots of deleted scenes from the whole season.

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