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Twenty-five years after the cult-television hit "The Junior Defenders" was abruptly cancelled, the washed-up former child stars who played adolescent superheroes in the series are kidnapped by an obsessive fan and forced at gunpoint to act in a brand new episode. Back in 1978, "The Junior Defenders" beat out such small screen hits as Happy Days and All In the Family in the ratings to become a nationwide phenomenon. Then, seemingly out of the blue, ABS suddenly cancelled the series. The fans, a young Norman Nields included, were devastated. Twenty-five years later, Norman (Fred Hazelton) continues to fume about the cancellation - until one day when he hatches a crazed plan to get "The Junior Defenders" back on the air. After stealing a Winnebago, Norman sets set out on the freeway in a cross-country race to collect the four stars of the series and hijack a Hollywood soundstage in order to shoot a brand new episode of "The Junior Defenders" that he hopes will prove effective in launching a revival of the series. As the media catches wind of the scheme, the former child stars are thrilled to learn that they have achieved folk-hero status among fans who can't wait to see the spandex-clad crime-fighters back in action. Ally Sheedy, Brian O'Halloran, Justin Henry, and Jason David Frank star in a wild story of obsessive fandom featuring special appearances by Kevin Smith, Pauly Shore, and Bill Raymond, and narration by independent film legend John Waters.

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Special Features Commentary with actor Brian O'Halloran, filmmaker Keith Spiegel, and star Fred Hazelton Bonus deleted scenes! Behind-the-scenes documentary with cast interviews!

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