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Cult filmmaker Jess Franco directs himself as Vogel, an insanely paranoid religious fanatic who works as a reporter for a sexy tabloid. Vogel's editor Raymond Franval (Pierre Taylou) and his secretary Anne (Lina Romay) are in charge of secret sadomasochistic sex parties at a jaded noble couple's mansion. Flagellation and torture are the rule of the day at the parties' staged black masses, and when the paranoid Vogel sees one of the events, the paranoid mystic believes it to be real. Thus, he decides to exorcise the demons by running his own personal Inquisition, torturing the home's inhabitants to death.

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Special Features * Brand new widescreen (1.66:1) digital transfer, enhanced for widescreen television * Optimal quality dual-layer edition * Reversible double-sided cover * English-language version * First-ever commentary from director Jess Franco * Alternate clothed opening sequence * Liner notes from film historian Tim Lucas * Still gallery * Theatrical trailer

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