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A handful of filmmakers looking for the fabled sea serpent of Loch Ness get a look at another sort of monster in this witty mock documentary. Under commission from producer and screenwriter Zak Penn, notoriously eccentric German filmmaker Werner Herzog travels to Scotland to shoot his latest film, a documentary called "The Enigma of Loch Ness" which examines the myth of the Loch Ness monster and its role in the collective unconsciousness of the Scottish people rather than attempting to capture and photograph the creature itself. As Herzog is shooting his film, another filmmaker, John Bailey, tags along to shoot a film about Herzog shooting a film using the provisional title "Herzog in Wonderland." While Herzog and Bailey ruffle one another's feathers, Herzog begins to suspect Penn hired his crew more for their ability to generate "real life drama" on camera rather than their skills, especially Kitana Baker, a supposed "sonar engineer" who happens to have been a model for Playboy. As the production falls into chaos, neither Herzog or Bailey are able to complete their projects, and a pair of editors are brought in to combine footage shot by both crews into a coherent whole.

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FX2223937 Incident At Loch Ness DVD (2004/Werner Herzog) $9.98