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LOST CITY OF ATLANTIS: No longer merely myths, excavations on the Greek Island of Santorini are now scientifically linked to the lost continent of Atlantis. A new look underwater shows the world’s oldest geographical mystery and the golden civilization did exist before it so precipitously plunged into the sea. 93 minutes/ Color/ 16x9 Anamorphic/ NA/ 1977 LEGEND OF LOCH NESS: Narrated by Arthur Franz, this true-life adventure examines the history of the Loch Ness legend and records a modern day search for the fabled monster. An actual sighting of the monster is photographed from a submarine. 92 minutes/ Color/ 1.33:1/ NA/ 1976

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UE6334 Lost City of Atlantis & Legend of Loch Ness DVD (1976) $9.99